The Name to Remember

More Production Photos

More Production Photos

Public House Theatre

Emily Ember is an ensemble member of the Public House Theatre. She has appeared in numerous performances there including "Murder on Mount Olympus," "Rhinoceros," and "The Vagina Monologues."


'Attach' is a short film in which Mary (Emily Ember) moves to a new city and learns how to create a new path for herself.

Long Way From Home

Emily Ember appeared as a waitress in the music video for the song, "Long Way From Home" by the band, St. Mojo.

Single...And Bad At It

Emily Ember appeared as a featured extra on the web-series, 'Single...and Bad At It.'

Lil Coulro

'Lil Coulro' is a short film that premiered at the Music Box Theater as part of the Chicago 2016 48HR Film Project. Sarah (Emily Ember) is a high-powered business woman who receives a cheerful surprise after being fired.


51% is a documentary about the significance of women in film. Emily went in for a cold reading audition. Afterwards, the directors revealed they were not casting for that part, and instead, asked her questions about her experience as a woman in film.


'Consciousness' is a short film in which Rebecca (Emily Ember) is interrogated about a murder committed by her alter ego, Belinda.

In the Water

'In the Water' is a short Sci-fi film in which Edith (Emily Ember) has difficulty adjusting to her new home.


'Cloth' is a short film in which Miranda (Emily Ember) struggles to overcome her family's mental crisis.

Scream Theatre

Scream Theatre is a Horror-Genre Improv Troupe, of which Emily is a co-founder and ensemble member. They perform their signature form, Horror of Terror, around Chicago and at various improv festivals across the US. 


'Biblios' is a short film in which Shae (Emily Ember) discovers a little too much about what happened to a girl who recently went missing.

Type One

In 'Type One,' a web series, Claire (Emily Ember) goes on a date with Matt, a guy living with Type One diabetes.

Rough Cut Players

Emily Ember performed in 'All In Blind,' an original sketch-cabaret created by the comedy ensemble, Rough Cut Players.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

In 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland,' Emily Ember performed as the Ace of Hearts.